Babies interact with loving volunteer, listen to Bible stories, worship music, and play with their friends.


AGE 3 - K

Children jump around, sing fun worship songs and learn God loves them through creative storytelling (through the Gospel Project Bible Curriculum). They then engage in a hands on craft project.



Kids play at interactive activity to introduce the lesson. The bible is brought to life with a video based lesson (The Gospel Project Curriculum) with teacher interaction, followed by small group time. Each week kids can bring home materials related to the Bible Story or concept they learned that week.


Allow time to get your child or infant checked in at the computer station before taking them to their classroom. We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before the service starts.

Guests and new kids, please register at the Registration Table before going to your classrooms.

All children must be escorted to their classrooms and picked up after the service by an adult who has the claim tag. No child is released without a valid security claim tag.


We are committed to the safety and security of your child! All of our volunteers and staff who work with children undergo a background check before serving. We also use a secure check-in system to make sure that kids are checked in and out by the correct person. When you arrive you will proceed to the registration station and you will receive:

A name tag for your child

A claim tag (claim tags will have only a security ID number, no name)

Once you have these items, proceed to your child’s classroom and you will be welcomed by a volunteer teacher. At the end of the service you will return to your child’s room and present your claim tag. If your claim tag is lost or misplaced, you must show photo identification to a staff person in order to pick up your child.