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God pursues us. The pages of scripture make the point over and over that He does so many times in order that even those slow on the uptake (like me) can attest to the fact. What I sometimes have difficulty understanding is not so much THAT God pursues us, but that God would pursue ME. It seems as though God has his choice of the best and the brightest, and yet he chooses again and again to pursue a screw up (me, yet again), one who at his best is wavering in his commitment to love and serve Him fully.

It becomes, then, my great honor and privilege to return to Him the whole of  myself in the outright pursuit of the One who decided to rescue me from death and grant me the life I now have the opportunity to live. And like the Prodigal Son, the Father has granted me much more than I deserved. I, too, have been given a robe, a ring for my finger, the fattened calf, and He has prepared a feast to celebrate my return!

I don’t think I will ever fully understand WHY God did what He did, and I guess I don’t need to understand.  But now, I am driven with a desire to know Him more and to love people the way Jesus loves people.

Read Luke 15 to understand the inspiration behind our name!


2112 E. Harmony Road
Fort Collins, CO 80528
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Sundays at 10 am


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